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Yep, you read that right. I've been debating doing this for a while, but I decided to just bite the bullet and go for it. So I'm now accepting icon commissions, which you can pay for in DW points!!

The way it'll work is this: you send me a PM detailing what kind of icon commission you'd like. Please have images already on hand! Either URLs or .zip file works. Then I make the icons and take a screencap to show you they're done. You'll send me the points, I'll send you the icons... everyone's happy!

The pricing is as follows:

█ For sets of 30 comic, live action, or cartoon/anime icons — 30 DW points. If you want less than thirty or more than thirty, it's basically 1 DW point per icon. I would prefer to work in round numbers so I don't end up with like 63.5 DW points, but I'm pretty flexible.
► specific examples of comic icons are here, live action icons here, and cartoon/anime icons here. Or you can just take a look around the comm.

█ For sets of 15 flat colored manga icons — 30 DW points. Or 2 DW points an icon, with the same number preferences as above. If there is anything that's colored black in the manga panels that you would like recolored, please let me know when you contact me!
► specific examples of flat colored manga icons are here. Or check the One Piece tag.

█ For shaded manga icons it's gonna be a dollar an icon, or 13 dollars for 15 icons. (10 points an icon or 130 for 15, basically.) Fair warning: the more icons there are, the longer they will take as these are fairly time consuming! But you'll end up with the panels that the icons come from cleaned and colored as well as the icons themselves.
► specific examples of shaded manga icons can be found here. Larger versions of colored manga panels can be found here.

As far as any further rules go, I'm okay with NSFW stuff. I can't do anything overly gory as I lose my lunch very easily. No fanart please and thank you. I would feel bad using fanart in exchange for what's essentially cash. As far as the sets go, you can have as many characters in them as you like. I really don't care if each icon in the 30 is a different character. Other than that, anything goes.

There's five commission slots available at any given time. Check the list below to see if there's any free. Or if you're commissioning me, I'll put a little progress note next to your name so you can check up on it. (Even though turnaround should be pretty fast.)
SLOT 1open
SLOT 2open
SLOT 3open
SLOT 4open
SLOT 5open

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