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[ 30 ] war of kings & realm of kings: inhumans
[ 64 ] avengers: earth's mightiest heroes (SLIGHT SPOILERS for episode 2.25)


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icon requests

i'm running out of things to icon and there's a few things i'm itching to try out, so i'm opening up icon requests!!

→ no image limit this time! the more, the merrier
→ comic pages with multiple panels are ❤ but if there's a specific panel you want iconned, let me know
→ please note if you'd rather your requests not be shareable, otherwise they will get posted in an icon post for anyone else to use as well o/
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[ 52 ] spider-woman: agent of s.w.o.r.d.
[ 35 ] amazing spider-man
[ 38 ] spider-man: blue


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» None of the icons posted here are bases. Please do not edit them.
» No hotlinking, please and thank you! I use photobucket so hotlinking would screw up everything for me and then there would be no more icons.
» Credit either [personal profile] autumnae or [community profile] tapestries if you use anything posted here.
» Comments are ♥ and boost my ego, meaning things will get put out faster.


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adventures in solitude
a bucky barnes minimix

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